Hi my name is Fern and as stated above I am course operations executive. My role here at Aestech is one that I am incredibly proud to have achieved and one that both consistently and effectively fulfils not only myself as an individual but the skill set that I have worked hard to acquire over my life time.  

My start into this industry was an unexpected one and only began to take form whilst studying both business and sociology A levels and working part time in a number of voluntary retail stores. Being able to combine knowledge of both the industry and the drive behind the cycle of supply and demand definitely helped me to progress in my status and effectively made clear what i valued the most, not only as an employee but as a consumer of goods myself. 

However it was my passion for both beauty and aesthetics that brought to me this role at AESTECH. Their strong sense of community and their message of looking to build relationships with consumers was one that really appealed to me, especially with it being at the forefront of their approach. Having the opportunity to be not only and employee but an advocate for Aestech is a great honour and I am incredibly excited to continue raising their great reputation in both the beauty and medical world. 



E: fern@aestech.co.uk

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