Hi I am Cara.

I have been working in the Beauty Industry since 2004. Beauty is not my career, it is my passion. I began working in the arena of medical beauty when I set up my very first salon back in Liverpool in 2013. Like all salon owners, I was faced with the usual issues of full-diaries over peak hours, not enough clients during off peak times and the inability to maximise my profit margins due to competition and local mobile therapists with limited overheads and wider pricing scopes. So, I did what every reputable salon owner would do, I went out and did my research. I found that laser machines was the way to go. The margins were high as was the demand and the competition was far lower owing to the high investment costs. Although sourcing the right machines took a lot of time, research and effort. For a few years, I was on to a winner. Then, globalisation brought with it a change in retail culture. The market became flooded with cheap Chinese replicas that promised the world and did very little for my treatment reputation. I constantly had to battle misconceptions of the treatments that I offered – and was highly successful in – owing to the disastrous results provided by other salons. The worst thing of all was that it wasn’t the other salon owners fault, they simply didn’t know any better. They believed they were purchasing the right machines, they believed the training they were provided with was adequate. That’s when I decided to make a change. I made the decision to sell my business out to Aestech.

Aestech are nothing if not passionate. They are here to change the industry. They are here to bring the standard back into medical beauty. They truly believe in providing you with the BEST possible machines to achieve the best possible outcomes for your clients. Aestech want your reputation to grow wide and strong. The better your reputation and your standards, the better and more profitable your business and the closer they get to achieving their own company goals, raising the bar.

I am proud to say I was a part of Aestech.

Cara xxx

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  • Cara was amazing from start to finish. I initially contacted Aestech about a Laser Machine and Cara actually sold me one which was cheaper than the one I enquired about because it was the right one for my business. She genuinely wanted to help. She added me on facebook and whatsapp and even now she still messages me asking me if everything is ok and if I need any help or support. 100% go with Cara for your machines.

  • Cara is one of a kind. I have not got a machine yet because I am waiting on some money coming in but she never pressured me once. She came down to London to see another customer and invited me to go for drinks with them after so I could ask her about how she does it in her salon. This is not a normal company this is a cut above any of the ones I have dealt with in the past. Thanks Cara, I cant wait to get my Hifu from you xxx

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